Fingers of Rock
By Ronnie

The recent uproar concerning whether or not Simon Cowell intentionally gave the finger to Paula Abdul on American Idol really got me thinking. I had seen a few pics of rock stars giving the finger, but decided to do a full-blown search on the web. I found lots of recent "stars" giving the finger to the paparazzi - but most of these were unspectacular and showed little of the true rock star attitude. So, I've decided to just showcase a few that, in my never to be humble opinion, displayed the true irreverent attitude of rock stars.

Oh, and by the way, I believe that Simon DID intentionally give the finger and laughed my ass off! Too bad he can't do that to some of the contestants - sort of like the Roman emperor's thumbs-up or thumbs-down at the gladiator games.

Here's a list of my fave photos of rock stars giving the finger and my awards:

IST PLACE: "Grand Prize" goes to Johnny Cash

This picture IS the epitome of the finger! There is no doubting what Johnny means. This one wins hands down. Also the best use of a facial expression with the finger.

2ND PLACE: "Best Attitude" goes to Jerry Lee Lewis

A double-barrel dose of fingers from Jerry Lee. You can't argue with the attitude of the Killer! I just wish I had a picture of him doing this back in 1957!

3RD PLACE: "Funniest" goes to John Lennon

Combining the finger with his famous "spastic" face. He was probably telling Brian Epstein to get the hell out of the studio!

4TH PLACE: "Most Subtle" goes to Brian Jones

Is he or isn't he giving
the finger? I'll bet he was! Mick Jagger was probably standing right behind the camera man.

5TH PLACE: "Most Creative" goes to Frank Zappa

Always different, Frank Zappa gives us the best creative use of a time-tested gesture.

If you know of any more interesting photos that merit inclusion, please drop us a line at EAR CANDY.